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PSVita Vita3K emulator

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PSVita Vita3K emulator Empty PSVita Vita3K emulator

Post by scorpio 11/06/22, 12:40 am

thanks for all the hard work you put into Retrobat, it is possible to add PSVita Vita3K emulator. it's starting to get pretty stable, and there are a lot of playable games



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PSVita Vita3K emulator Empty Re: PSVita Vita3K emulator

Post by Virtualman 12/06/22, 03:50 pm

RetroBat: If this is in the plans to support can you please provide the planed path you will use "psvita"? Anyhow seems worthy of emulator to add compatability seems to be maturing, 200+ playable games  looks promising.

This seems to work for now but all ES themes won't support it at this time unless we decide what naming conventiong will be used.

Some hope and enjoy! "Inovate to Motivate" PSVita Vita3K emulator 1f600

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