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BatGui UPDATES for Retrobat v4.0.2- Latest

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BatGui UPDATES for Retrobat v4.0.2- Latest Empty BatGui UPDATES for Retrobat v4.0.2- Latest

Post by Lorenzolamas 28/08/21, 02:09 pm

No new update for Batgui on retrobat 4.x.x
Update your Retrobat to latest version.

13/02/2022 -
- Corrected bug when game has an ID in the gamelist.xml
- Added arcadenamesystem, and family attributes from the gamelist.xml
- Update to prepare CHDMan helper and the futur collection manager

28/01/2022 -
- Correct bug when loading steam game, where the "roms\windows" directory is not retrieved correctly
- Optimized updater

29/11/2021 -
- Correct error while loading windows system
- Correct gamelist editor not loading data

16/11/2021 -
- Correct crash when checking kid games or hidden in gamelist tab without anygame selected
- Correct crash when selecting the picture to display in gamelist where no system were selected
- Added bouton to manually search a roms directory
- Full Name for a system is now in Unicode

16/10/2021 -
- Added new audio driver
- Added visible and clickable test steam link, use to retrieve steam game.

29/29/2021 -
- Added loading message for Steam
- Correct steam name of a game to avoid forbidden char when batgui used the name of the game to create bat file
- Added error message while retrieving the list of game steam for an user

27/09/2021 -
- Lots of functionality depend on the ES system file choosen, the es system file list is now always visible at the top of the screen.
- System group are now displayed and managed in the "System" tab.
- Added steam tab to add steam games in your retrobat. It will generate bat file required to launch game, (adding game to the gamelist automatically will come in a next release).
- Added progress bar for steam games loading, can take long time to load depending how many game you have and your internet speed.

06/09/2021 -
- Hidden and Kid Games in Gamelist Editor are now loaded correctly

03/09/2021 -
- Gamelist saving is back, all gamelist.xml provided by retrobat installer or generated by retrobat,  emustation or skrapper can be edited with the gamelist editor.
- Modified gamelist must be save manually with the dedicated button, gamelist are now archived by date and hour, if anything goes wrong just restore the backup file.
- If the xml contain bad data or wrong encoding/alphabet BatGui try to correct it, if after that the xml isn't loaded at all that mean the xml as a problem, you can test it by opening it into Chrome / Brave / Edge or Firefox.
- Added link to the forum for noticing bug (bottom of this window)

27/08/2021 -
- Due to multiple problem file text encoding in gamelist xml file, save functionnality is blocked the time to re do the thing to avoid peopl having broken XML.
- Added to that automatic save for gamelist is removed, a button has been added to manual save modification in your xml file.
- Save will be back for the next update

26/08/2021 -
- Corrected bug that has broken the es_system save, where command is written in small char

17/08/2021 -
- No more core angle
- Reduce height from 830px to 723px + added scroll bar for very low resolution screen
- Fix Hidden game and kid game checkbox are now working
- Default core are now correctly displayed
- Fix Encoding problem with some gamelist xml is theorically
- Fix duplicate extension at save

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