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Future Pinball out of date?

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Future Pinball out of date? Empty Future Pinball out of date?

Post by jaysarcade 15/09/23, 07:04 pm

I've ran Future Pinball a lot in the past with other frontends so I'm no stranger to it's quirky issues. I tried Future Pinball with Retrobat last night for the first time. About a third of my Slamt1lt tables were getting a meditation error. I tried the fix found in the RetroBat FAQ but that didn't fix the meditation errors. I found a newer version of one of the Slamt1lt tables I was having an issue with that has been updated by TerryRed (you'll know who he is if you're into the virtual pinball scene) and the table said it would not run with the version of Future Pinball installed. I found the latest BAM/Future Pinball installer and installed that over top of the RetroBat fpinball emulator folder. Afterwards, the meditation errors went away and I could play the newer table. So just a heads up that RetroBat is not using the latest FP. If you run into issues, this might be why. Shouldn't be a problem though with older tables.

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Future Pinball out of date? Empty Re: Future Pinball out of date?

Post by DeadVoivod 15/09/23, 09:01 pm


that will probably be solved with the next RetroBat update. Nice to post the workaround though.

I didn't try it out yet, I'm using Future Pinball in LaunchBox on my PC, I only have RetroBat installed on my ROG Ally, but I doubt I will use it for Future Pinball, screen might be to small for pinball emulation.

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