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Future Pinball won't load

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Future Pinball won't load Empty Future Pinball won't load

Post by 8 Bit Ninja 07/02/22, 11:31 pm

Hi. I'm having an issue with Future Pinball in RetroBat. When trying to load any table, I get the error "There was a problem loading that file". I can load tables just fine directly through Future Pinball and through CMD in windows 10. I've tried setting the compatibility to windows 8 and deactivating the anti virus without any luck. If I try to load a "new" table in the editor, I get the same error within windows so it may not just be a RetroBat issue but every table that I can load  within windows gives me this error through RetroBat. I don't have this problem with any other emulator in RetroBat as everything else runs fine. Any suggestions?
8 Bit Ninja
8 Bit Ninja

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