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RetroBat V6 Public Beta 2

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RetroBat V6 Public Beta 2 Empty RetroBat V6 Public Beta 2

Post by Lorenzolamas 30/10/23, 09:11 pm


New cores/emulators:
- Add XRick (Rick Dangerous libretro port)
- Add libretro:openlara (Tomb Raider port)
- Add gong libretro port
- Add vitaquake2 (quake 2 libretro port)
- Add Super Bros War (libretro port of Super Mario War)
- Add libretro:dinothawr
- Add libretro:sameboy core for gb and gbc, allowing multiplayer with different cartridges (e.g. pokemon)
- Add arduous core for arduboy
- Add uzem core for uzebox
- Add lowresNX core
- Add pcsx2 libretro core support
- Add libretro hatarib core
- Add Mupen64 (Rosalie's) standalone emulator for n64 and n64dd
- Add Simple64 for n64
- Add citra-canary
- Add Zinc (Arcade)
- Add SSF (Saturn)
- Add Flycast (Dreamcast, naomi & Atomiswave)
- Add ruffle for flash files
- Add ecwolf (Wolfenstein 3D)
- Add melonDS standalone
- Add HBMame standalone
- Add standalone mednafen for additional systems
- Add ZEsarUX for ZX Spectrum
- Add jynx (Camputers lynx)
- Namco 2x6 with Play emulator (also added Play! for PS2 games)
- Add eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3D Engine)
- Add The Force Engine (game engine to play Dark Forces)
- Add hatari standalone for atariST
- Add mesen standalone to snes, gb, gbc and sgb
- Add XM6 Pro emulator for Sharp X68000
- Add stella standalone (atari 2600)
- PinballFX (steam version & standalone)
- Pinball FX2 (steam & standalone)
- Add Ares for multiple systems
- Add bizhawk for multiple systems
- Add SEGA ST-V (kronos)

- 4DO libretro core

Version updates:
- RetroArch to 1.16 (including update of all cores)
- Bigpemu to 1.0.9
- Cemu to 2.0
- Citra
- Dolphin
- Duckstation
- Flycast (2.2)
- Future Pinball
- Hypseus
- MAME to 0.260
- Mesen to 2.0 (and enable mesen for gb, gbc, sgb and snes)
- OpenMSX
- PPSSPP to 1.6 (with RetroAchievements)
- scummvm to 2.7.1
- SNES9x
- Triforce (updated to Dolphin 5)
- Vita3K
- VPinball
- Xenia & Xenia-Canary

Fix guns for the following emulators/cores:
- libretro:mednafen_psx_hw
- Duckstation (one player only)
- PCSX2 (one player only)
- Flycast standalone (except atomiswave)
- Supermodel
- Enhance Sinden Border automation

- Add MAME for AppleII & AppleIIGS system (additional BIOS required)
- Mega-bezels : sonkun, cyberlab, Duimon updated & koko-aio
- Add audio features to dolphin
- Add Apple2 controller type for MAME
- Add deekay palette to vice cores
- Add multi-disc (2 discs) management to AppleIIGS and apple2
- Add features for snes9x
- Add preemptive frames feature for supported cores
- Add MAME standalone controller configuration
- Add RPCS3 features (CPU Blit, trophies, guns)
- Add features to PCSX2 : start in PS2 bios, choice of USB port for guncon
- Move xenia and xenia-canary saves folder to retrobat\saves\xbox360 folder
- Add .zip extension to psp (libretro)
- Add .woz extension for apple2gs & apple2
- Add dolphin post-processing filter option
- Add bezels and shader for solarus, redream, raine, mednafen
- Add additional TATE mode to FBNEO and TATE mode to libretro:mame
- Add features to PinballFX3 (nb of players, classic mode)
- Yuzu: add ASTC recompression feature & controller applet deactivation & option to disable fully retrobat settings injection
- Dolphin: add vertex rounding feature
- libretro_mednafen_psx_hw : add overclock feature
- mednafen standalone controller autoconfiguration & other features
- mesen controller autoconfiguration
- Add controller type choice to ryujinx (joycon, handheld, pro controller...)
- Controller autoconfiguration for CXBX
- Add reshade to duckstation
- Add shader "sindenborder" for standalone controllers using reshade
- Add controller button inversion features for dolphin (core & standalone)
- Add features for m2emulator
- libretro:mame - add padtokey buttons to access to mame menu and to service menu
- Add automation of high scores for libretro:mame and mame64
- Add .prg extension for C64
- Add Xenia features for Forza Motorsport 4
- Add bezels to Xemu
- Add Duimon MBZ shaders to Bigpemu
- Add redream features + controller autoconfiguration
- Add possibility to run dsi nand (.bin) files with MelonDS (multiple nand images can be managed)
- Add retroarch video filters
- Add retroachievements to PPSSPP standalone
- Add motion to simulate Wii movements for controllers with motion (Dualshock / Switch Pro)
- Add .ipf file support for AMIGA (you need to add the "capsimg.dll" file)
- PPSSPP controller autoconfiguration
- Add savestates management in interface for some standalone emulators (dolphin, pcsx2, ppsspp, duckstation)
- Add crosshair option to pcsx_rearmed
- Add some libretro hatari & hatarib features

- Add possibility to use video splashscreen in EmulationStation
- Fix missing "hardware" tag for Switch console
- Fix year tag for WiiU was 2010 instead of 2012)
- Clean up bios check for gameboy systems
- Aligned names for some features
- Add detection of sinden guns in emulationstation
- Add ability to use post-processing shaders in themes

- Fix some issues with guns on Swanstation, Mednafen_psx and flycast
- Fix Model3 (supermodel) controller injection
- Fix hotkeys injection for pcsx2, dolphin and duckstation
- Fix camputers lynx autoboot command not working for libretro:mame (has been removed, command must be typed manually, refer to wiki)
- Fix controllers injection on yuzu
- Fix features not appearing for some MESS systems
- Alignment of hotkeys for some emulators
- Fix Gamecube controller mapping for wii games supporting GC controller
- Fix using "Guide" button (PS on playstation controllers, Xbox button or Home on NINTENDO) as hotkey on rpcs3, pcsx2 and duckstation
- Fix CEMU vsync feature
- Citra & xemu : fix screenshotpath
- Fix Handheld mode on yuzu
- Fix some controller mapping on Dolphin
- Fix px68k cpu speed feature
- fix beetle_psx analog/digital switch messing with hotkey
- Fix fbneo neogeo_mode value injection
- Fix Retroarch hard sync option
- Fix pcsx2 & duckstation when playing with more than 4 players with only xinput controllers
- Fix libretro:mame autodetection of vertical games
- Fix sinden border when width has decimals
- Aligned tos folder between libretro:hatari and hatari
- Tentative to fix XInput controllers order

Dev stuff:
- Improve eboot.bin search in .ps3 folders
- Move RPCS3 controller configuration to SDL instead of WinMM
- Search amigaforever in Program Files directory if not found in retrobat\emulators folder
- Simplification of running steam games, no need for batch files anymore
- Added management of .url game shortcuts for EPIC Game Launcher and Amazon Launcher (meaning RetroBat will find out the executable name and wait for it to close)
- Add management of Microsoft gamepass games (needs a small trick to work)
- New RetroBat installer
- Prepare launcher for BizHawk multi-system emulator (for future)
- Remove usage of .cmd file for ZaccariaPinball and PinballFX3 - now fully managed via EmulatorLauncher
- code cleaning & refactoring

- Move RetroBat repositories to the project official github : ==> you can now create issues and we will follow and answer

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