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[RESOLVED] Portable Mode

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[RESOLVED] Portable Mode Empty [RESOLVED] Portable Mode

Post by thuglas 03/02/22, 05:24 am

Hello, new to Retrobat. Was running linux/retropie off of a USB drive, but ran into many issues so here I am. I have a windows 11 pc, got Retrobat working fine. But was wondering what Portable mode is, what are the benefits? Can I turn my pc on and have Retrobat on a USB drive and it will it launch retrobat? I dunno if there is a process that can be posted or if I am not talking about the right thing or not. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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[RESOLVED] Portable Mode Empty Re: [RESOLVED] Portable Mode

Post by getupor 03/02/22, 09:06 am

After Retrobat installation, you can move the folder everywhere you want, and play from there (on external 2.5 hdd if you want).
Nothing special to do. it's build to be portable, and usable on every Windows 10 / 11 64 bits

[RESOLVED] Portable Mode Modo

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