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Shaders for ES / GLSL to FX

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Shaders for ES / GLSL to FX Empty Shaders for ES / GLSL to FX

Post by snesaddict 11/07/22, 01:02 am


I understand shaders are done through ES instead of RA.

For all old emulators I previously used a (imo) very good one in retroarch called 2xsal-level2-crt.glsl in a specific build, which does really well on newer displays.

I understand the glsl needs OpenGL and I understand what you have in ES is what you can chose from, although I have to mention I really like the VHS ones Razz

I am just wondering is there a way I can convert the glsl myself to fx (and maybe share it)? I found that most of the glsl conversion might be done through a certain package in python but I am unsure where to start. Can someone (doesnt have to be mr lorenzo) help?

A preview of the shader is here:


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