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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Retrobat Forum Rules.

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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Retrobat Forum Rules. Empty [READ BEFORE POSTING] Retrobat Forum Rules.

Post by Lorenzolamas 16/05/20, 02:49 pm

Hi guys !

Forum rules for RetroBat's support

If you don't follow the rules written below, you risk to be banned from the forum or to see your account definitely deleted.

The forum team reserves the right to move, edit or delete any message that does not comply with the Charter of Active Forum. Charte de Forum Actif.

Advanced information

› Choose an avatar:
› The RetroBat Forum is a place of mutual aid. Advertising for your forums, blogs or sites is not allowed.
› For mutual assistance to benefit the greatest number, assistance by private message (PM) is prohibited.
› In case of disagreement with a member or a moderator, prefer the use of private message.

Before posting

› Remember to consult the FAQ & the wiki, many answers to your questions are certainly there.
› On all occasions, stay polite, courteous and respectful, it starts by saying "hello" or "good evening" and "thank you".
› Please use the search function before writing a new post and consult the list of frequently asked questions with their answer.
› Flood, double messages (two consecutive messages), polemics and inappropriate words are prohibited.

While posting

> Check if your question is in the right section.
> Give an explicit title to your subject.
> Avoid posting new questions in existing subjects, except "single topic" (recognizable with the icon "Single Topic").
> For clarity, only one question per subject is allowed.
> In order to be understandable, refrain from writing in SMS language or using abbreviations.
> Don't write in bold and / or in color, this is reserved for moderation.

No question or request will be answered about BIOS, ROMs, games or any other object under commercial exploitation license. Any article opened for this purpose will have its content deleted.

Once your message is posted

> Be patient, a UP (message to raise your subject) is only allowed after 24 hours without response.
> A subject without reminder by the author until 7 days will be moved to the trash.
> Once a solution has been obtained, remember to edit your first message and add [RESOLVED] to the title. You can also thank the people who helped you.

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